Common Questions

Questions regarding Victory Group:

How are you different from Alcoholics Anonymous and the other support groups out there?

What does "Christian-based" recovery mean?

I went to a Christian group where they told me God would instantly deliver me from my addiction. Is that true?

Where does the Victory Group meet?

When does each discussion group meet? Do they meet at different times?

How old does someone need to be to attend Victory Group?

I've been to other Christian groups and felt like I was preached at. Is your group like that?

Is there a group like yours closer to me?

Who are the child care workers?

Are there any guidelines for your discussion groups?

How can I start a group?

Questions regarding help for someone struggling with addiction:

Can you recommend a rehabilitation center?

I am new to recovery. What should I do?

What is a sponsor, and how can I get one?

What does Advanced Recovery mean?

How many times do I need to attend a group?

What about struggles with pornography? Where can I find help?

I feel like I have lost all hope. What should I do?

I'm doing well in my recovery. Why do I still need to attend group meetings?

What are some Scriptures that I can depend on in my recovery?

Questions regarding help for family and friends of addicts:

What are the different stages of addiction?

I think my son/daughter is using something. What are some of the signs?

My son/daughter/spouse has told me that he/she has stopped using and things are better, but I still think he/she needs help. What should I do?

My son/daughter is in recovery. Will your group be able to help him/her?

Can I drop off my son/daughter at your group?

If my son/daughter came to your group, would you accept him/her?

I heard about the FFA group. What is it?

I've heard the term "enabling." What does that mean?

I don't want people to know that we have a drug/alcohol problem in our family. Can you help me?

I found out that my family member has been stealing from me, but he said he is sorry and it won't happen again. What should I do?

I lost a family member to addiction. No one seems to understand. Even my Christian friends have turned a cold shoulder to me. Where can I get hope again?

If you give to the United Way, please consider designating the Victory Group for your contributions.