No one lights a lamp and puts it in a place where it will be hidden, or under a bowl. Instead they put it on its stand, so that those who come in may see the light - Luke 11:33

I was never shown so much love at a meeting, like the love that was shown to me at Victory Group. I've attended many meetings over the years and was amazed at how the people treat you here.

- Clean 13 years

Victory Group is the second best thing that happened to me in my recovery. The first is Jesus Christ, Father, and Lord of my life.

- Free 11 months from alcohol, cocaine, and marajuana

This was my first time here at this meeting. I was blown away by this fellowship, my experience here was spiritually phenomenal.

- Male, 27 years old, recovering addict/alcoholic

The Victory Group has helped me develop a relationship with God. This was the most rewarding facet of my program.

- Male, 25 years old, addict

The Victory Group is like a loving parent; when a child who is learning to walk falls, the parent is there to help them up and continue on. Likewise, the Victory Group was there to help me by sharing the love of God.

- Female, 19 years old

I always left the Victory Group meeting feeling as if I had just received an encouraging "hug" from my Lord.

- Blessed Victory Group attender

My daughter is free of her addictions today-by the grace of God! Victory Group has been a place of refuge for me, and the support given has been extremely valuable. To see God as our source of strength and hope is a goal of Victory Group. We in the FFA "family" have a very special bond of love and support for each other.

- Mother of daughter with past problems with drugs

God's favor was all around me for many years, yet I thought my way was the best way. I've never been so grateful about being wrong. He is the only way to peace and happiness! God is on your side, but He will not force his knowledge on you - you must willingly seek His guidance to know His peace. His best is yet to come!

- Affected by addiction, now living in victory

It all began a long time ago when I fell prey to addiction to alcohol and drugs. There wasn't any room for God. Just me, me, me and how I was going to get my next drink or drug. I gave in. I was tired, I was lonely, and I was very sick. I just couldn't go on anymore. It was stressful and draining to support my addiction and hide it from everyone - my family, friends, employees, and children. I discovered that we can't hide anything from God. He knows our fears and tears, and He loves us all just the same. The people at Victory Group greeted me and made me feel so special, so loved, and so worthy. You see I had lost my self worth. Every week I slowly let my suspicious guard down as I attended the meetings. Like an onionskin, layer by layer of my mental, physical, and spiritual sickness peeled away. I finally believed that God really does love me! Through Victory Group, I became alive spiritually, mentally, and physically and I felt I was reborn. I'm not hiding today. I am free.

- Female living day by day in recovery

Victory Group became an open door-the outlet I needed toward a recovery that I never thought possible. Addiction has a price: even when we make a choice to stop using, we're still left with so much emotional baggage-guilt, shame, and pain, not knowing how to forgive ourselves. What Victory Group has done for me is provide me with the hope that there's nothing God can't forgive. It's through the support of other recovering addicts that I see I am not alone. We don't have to be addicts to feel lost or hopeless-the world today fills us with many empty promises. It's a cesspool for pain and suffering. Being a part of Victory Group gave me an alternative to the world's failing promises. It helped me to learn to focus on the solution instead of the problem.

- Female addict in recovery

At a halfway house, I was told about Victory Group and how it counted as a contact. If I had enough contacts, I would be eligible for Phase 2 of the program and a 12-hour pass is the reward. Therefore, I began coming just for the contact and a chance to move on to Phase 2 of the program. This sort of reminds me of Bill D. in the AA Big Book, "I came to AA solely for the purpose of sobriety but it has been through AA that I found God." I listened to that tape in the visitors pack, "The Day God Ran." It made an impact on me. I told my girlfriend about Victory Group and she began meeting me here. She also felt there was something here. Whatever it was, we wanted more. I began coming to the Sunday services and I was impressed with Pastor John immediately. Everything in the Big Book began taking on a new meaning for me. I was born again at Victory Group. Fear, shame, and guilt were removed. I began feeling that I was worthy of recovery. The root of all our troubles is SELF: self-centered, self-seeking, self-righteous, self-pity, self-deception, and selfishness... I found God through this group and my spirituality began here... I know when it comes to my recovery, I want to go to the source. The source for me is God and especially those who have touched my heart here at Victory (Victory Family Church). I truly am God's miracle.

- Heroin addict with a new life in recovery,
who went home to be with the Lord in 2002

Thank you so much for your cards. They help me to deal with this horrible situation I've regretfully created for myself. It's so hard for me to make sense out of all of this, but I have to believe that this is all happening for a reason that only God knows. It looks as if I may be sent to the penitentiary for a long time; and some days I feel so depressed and hopeless for that future that I don't want to go on, but God is bringing me through it. He keeps me company in my loneliness and gives me hope in my hopelessness. A friend from Victory Group that is God-sent, has been an extreme blessing to me during these tough times. He told me that Victory Group has a good amount of young people in its attendance and I'm happy to hear that. Victory Group saved my life in more ways than one and I'm sure it can do the same for everyone. I never, ever, thought that I would be a drug addict-a heroin addict. Slowly it happened and I was blind to the process, but now I see it so clearly. I have a little brother who's thirteen and was recently hospitalized for alcohol poisoning after drinking for the first time. All I can tell him is that once upon a time I started the same exact way at the same age-never thinking that I'd see the penitentiary at twenty one. I miss you all and love you.

- From a letter from a young man in recovery

Several months before the Victory Group started, my brother committed suicide as a result of a drug and alcohol problem. My family was devastated, confused, and grief stricken. Each of us blamed ourselves and the "what-ifs" haunted us. People we encountered weren't sympathetic towards us because of the way he died. They never considered what we were going through or all the factors leading up to his death. Victory Group gave me unconditional love and support from the minute they found out about the loss my family had suffered. Through the Victory Group, I gained an understanding of what my brother went through and that I couldn't do anything to change what happened because they were my brother's choices. Victory Group prayed for my family, since the loss was unbearable at times and threatened to pull us apart. People at the Victory Group continued to help me until there was peace once again in my family. In the Victory Group, I saw God moving in the life of addicts and I saw His love for them. I learned that a lifestyle choice doesn't stop God from loving someone. I saw miracles and lives being restored, including my own. I would have never made it through the first year after my brother's death without the love and support of the Victory Group. I actually started going because I wanted to help others, and in return I was helped beyond measure.

- 34-year-old sister of an addict

Even though I've been a Christian all my life, by attending Victory Group and Victory Family Church, I am just beginning to find out how much God really loves ME. I have found peace here.

- Mother of an addict in recovery

I lost everything to addiction, including my wife. I was invited to Victory Group after being clean and sober for two years. I'm now in the process of reconciling with my ex-wife and instead of "knowing of God," I'm developing a personal relationship with Him.

- Clean and loved

I'm so glad I listened to that "small still voice" urging me to volunteer with Victory Group; what a blessing this has been for me. We really need more volunteers as we continue to grow. It doesn't take much to help out in the group, but the rewards are great. It is truly a spiritual blessing for me to be a part of His body ministering to broken spirits and see hope in their eyes!

- Victory Group volunteer

I have met many wonderful people in Victory Group. It is truly a blessing seeing people getting saved and lives being changed. I find myself thinking about these people and praying for them during the week. Sometimes I find it hard to believe the love and compassion I have in my heart. I know it is from the Lord, and I am realizing that this is exactly how He feels about us. It is such a blessing to share the love of God with hurting people.

- Victory Group server

It is so encouraging to see people press past their faults and enter into a relationship with God.

- Victory Group servant

I felt compassion for people who hurt badly enough to turn to drugs/alcohol. I just felt led to help.

- Blessed VG volunteer

Victory Group gives me the chance to "love" people and be there to help them.

- Happy volunteer

The people who come to Victory Group are amazing! They put no pride in themselves, but get their identity from God.

- Victory Group volunteer

I help at Victory Group because I love serving and setting up the meetings.

- Helping out at Victory Group

It is wonderful to see people's lives change as they attend Victory Group.

- Having fun serving

I am so thankful that the Lord has shown me where I best can serve at Victory Group. Meeting everyone in the group has been a blessing in my life.

- Volunteering at Victory Group

Victory Group helped me realize the addictions in my life, even though they are not with drugs and alcohol!

- Serving in Christ

I once was in need, and someone met that need. I can do the same for someone else.

- Helping while in recovery

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