Every Tuesday:

6:30 pm - Refreshments Served

7:00 pm - Meeting Starts

8:00 pm - Discussion Groups Close

Free child care available!

When you first arrive at Victory Group, you are welcomed and invited to enjoy refreshments beginning at 6:30. Everyone comes together for the opening at 7:00 sharp. Clean time is celebrated with key tags, cheers, applause, and hugs. Then, the following small discussion groups meet:

  • Early Recovery
       (steps 1-3)
  • Advanced Recovery
       (the 12 steps)
  • Family and Friends of Addicts
  • Teen Family and Friends of Addicts
       (Teen FFA)
  • Restoring Women's Hearts
       (women-only discussion group)
  • Men's Group
       (men-only discussion group)
  • Kids Like Me
       (support for children of addicts)

After the close of the meeting, prayer teams are available to agree with you in private prayer.

If you give to the United Way, please consider designating the Victory Group for your contributions.