Family and Friends of Addiction (FFA)

Focuses on: Avoiding Enabling

Sometimes we don't realize how being in a relationship with an addict has affected us. Because of this, family members and friends of addicts also need the support of a recovery group. Enabling, co-depending, hiding, and denying things are just some of the issues that a support group can help us address in order to experience change.

In this group you realize you are not alone; many families are living through this as well. We can learn from each other and acquire knowledge on how to stand firm. We no longer need to endure such pain without help. Come join us. The support, love, and prayers we offer can help you.

If you think your son or daughter may have a problem with addiction, check out the Four Stages of Danger from Focus on the Family.

Friends and Families of Addiction: A Survival Manual

This faith-based manual is for those who have friends and family members suffering from addiction. This book is a compilation of many years of writings for our recovery group. It is authored by Carol Gillespie, and one of the Victory Group co-founders, Kay Little. The manual was inspired by Carol and Kay's heart to help others as they walked through addiction with a loved one. Readings can be used for recovery groups or for individual help. It also contains tips for starting your own support group.

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